still trying to move on

November is almost over

i hate Novembers,it is always a constant reminder of when i lost my girlfriend of 4 years to a drunk driver .

it happened in the November a few weeks after i had my surgery when i was hurt working at the post office, that year i had planned to fly out to visit her but since i was recovering from the surgery i was not able to make the trip, not days goes by that i wonder how things could have turned out if i had not gone to work that day and not get injured


i am still kicking, my health is not the best, i managed to get access to LJ again after a year. this has been a warm winter and ive gone through a lot of vehicles this year

i hope everyone on my friendslist is doing well

giant wuff wuff

im really glad that this has been one of the warmest Decembers up here in awhile, after last months record cold it sure was a nice help

i went and watched both the new mission impossible and Sherlock Holmes films last night at the theater , i really enjoyed them both good action movies
i picked up yet another car lol a 1990 honda civic wagon
my friend stripped the paint down and is going to paint it deep blue this weekend , ill probably sell the plymouth colt i bought not too long ago :)

the holiday season has been pretty good soo far, have most of my shopping down

last friday i had a 3 hour dentist visit then had the doctors stick a camera in me to look at my heart, made for a sore weekend lol

i think i have a headache and flu coming on, took some theraflu to help out, that is some nasty tasting stuff, my left arm and both legs have been feeling really week again this week but i think it is getting better now.

a giant wolf came through the mail :D thanks oldwolf :D