cold winds

just sitting at home where its warm inside for now. temps are in the mid 40s and the weather has snowed and sleeted a little over the past week but it didnt stick which is good .

the temps at night have been in the low 30s

rode down to anchorage last month with my mom to go to a friends wedding. it was a nice small one and they looked like a happy couple

i sold my supercharged miata but i still have my turbocharged miata :) i also sold two more honda civics last month as well. i recently picked up a 96 VW passat with a manual 5 speed transmission which i need to replace the clutch and a copuple of lights which i plan on selling as well

one of my friends just moved to his new place which is a stern wheeler boat :P

hes on a boat!
more random pictures from last month :P


had someone looking to buy another one of my civics, spent $800 on it and selling it to the person for $2500 :)
the civic

sold my Toyota cressida to another friend this week, so a little extra money coming in as well

had another person come and test drive my supercharged miata which i paid $2500 for and he said he would give me $3500 for it
the supercharged one
some pictures of my red miata which i had turbocharged, its still down in anchorage and i still need to get it up here some time O_O once i sell the supercharged miata and civic ill be car less up here in till i get the red one back up lol

the days are getting shorter now, ive already seen a few yellow leaves here and there , i thought it was an alright summer and even when it rains i still like it more then winter and the snow.

the Fair is in town so i went there last night with a friend, im surprised that there went more people there but it made finding a parking spot a lot easier and walking around a whole lot less stuffy. i ate some cajun foods :)

a friend made me a facebook account lol , feel free to add me :P
a couple of weeks ago my newest doctor called me to come in the next day.

well it turns out on top of everything else about my health , they said that they found that my liver is damaged and my heart is also having some issues

oh well thats life, my rent also went up as well O_O

A Tyrannosaurus called Heart was raised by a herbivorous dinosaur. As he grew up, he was scared by other dinosaurs. One day, Heart meets a baby Ankylosaurus and he names the baby “Umasou (looks delicious)”. Umasou started to be attached to Heart and a strange family love develops between the two

good animated movie, worth checking out if you have the time, nice animation wonderful story and surprisingly good action

went down to anchorage for a few weeks had a few more test, also had more test at the clinics up in my town. well seems on top of everything else my liver looks to be going bad as well
oh well.


i really need to catch back up on live journal, just been busy and doing other things, usually is like that for me in summer, if i can im usually out of the house.


while down in anchorage i picked up another car . a 1994 mazda mx5 miata with a supercharger, nitrous, megasquirt stand alone computer,wideband, intake , header ,exhaust etc

not too sure what ill do with this one since i already have another miata

i think i might bring it back to stock and resell the parts for what i paid for the car and resell the car as well.

i sold a civic last month and made $1k profit on it, picked up another one the same day and might be able to make $2k profit on it though i might just give it to my brother
driving the new miata
at my friends shop
pictures i took when i was in anchorage

summer solstice

happy summer solstice everyone

over the weekend my whole town were having solstice events so there were lots to see and lot of people out and about

i bought a big rat cage for the squirrel and he is doing well

i have a important doctors appointment in a few hours, i guess we will see how that goes

like light

i really like alaska summers and 24 hours of day light with the warmth

been doing things here and there, bought some cars sold some cars , had a few doctor visits paid off some medical bills with the medicade retro back payment as well

being summer time i havent been online as much as i usually do in winter time and have neglected lj a bit
couple of civics i bought and sold, my friend fixed them :)

baby squirrel i found outside, it had fallen out the tree and was abounded, i had saw it out the say before running around crying and thought it would be best to not touch it but when i came home the next day at 3am it came running to me and jumped in my hands :(

i figured i would at least give hima fighting chance in till he got older. i put him ina box and gave him fruits and nuts, he loved the watermelon.

then i heated up a water bottle and wrapped it ina sock, he fella sleep on it instantly

weight off shoulders

wow its been over a month since i last posted O_O i really need to catch up with all your post

ive been dealing with a lot of stress and pain because of my health issues which have been having a lot of up and downs the past month or so

most of the snow and ice has melted up here finally

AFter almost a decade of fighting with disability i have been approved O_O

Thai ice tea for me

went to the ice park with my family last month and saw a lot of great ice art works :)
ice slide
ice park pictures :)


a few weeks ago my mom flew to Thailand and in the first time in 40 years she found her family O_O from what i can tell it was a really good reunion, they had a big family get together and my mother is having a great time over in Thailand :)

i talked to one of my Thai cousins online and she seems like a good person, she works in advertising over there

my brother will be taking some time off from his business and is flying to Thailand next week :)

if i was able to fly i would be there as well


i have housing inspectors stopping by later today so i need to get my place cleaned up, im glad im finally getting over my fever ive had for the past few weeks, still have the cough and cold though but i feel better then i did last week

i wonder if the snow is ever going to melt up here O_O